As the industry landscape continues to change private sector organizations must address emerging challenges and create opportunities for continued growth. We offer insights into policy, market nuances and potential risks associated with specific market segments to enable organizations to make informed business decisions. Our team works with clients to develop workable strategies and further business goals — turning policy into action.

Our team works with leaders across the industry to provide objective advice that address their unique challenges.

  • Navigate the changing state and federal government landscape and translate emerging public policy
  • Develop compliance strategies that help achieve strategic business goals
  • Assess market opportunities and develop strategies to drive growth
  • Advise during due diligence process
  • Assist organizations with strategy and process for the government bid and procurement process
  • Advise on Federal and state reimbursement strategies
  • Advise senior leaders and boards on a wide range of healthcare issues

In today’s complex environment organizations are often better when working together. Winning partnerships can drive long-term success in the market. Our diverse market perspective and widespread industry contacts enable us to bring different market segments together to promote business opportunities.

  • Help organizations establish effective industry partnerships to achieve shared business goals
  • Develop strategies for organizations to work with federal and state agencies
  • Engage stakeholder groups to pursue collective agendas
  • Establish bid teams in response to procurement opportunities

We help organizations make sense of the emerging federal and state policy environment and understand the associated business implications. Our team of experienced former state and federal government executives have both the knowledge and the relationships to help companies tackle the complexities of Medicaid and CHIP and evolving health policy reforms.

  • Translate state and federal policies for application in business settings, including identifying challenges and creating opportunities
  • Navigate the changing state and federal landscape to help companies understand and influence policy
  • Develop compliance plans
  • Draft policy briefs